Our Programs

QLaw Arkansas programs equip legal professionals with legal and ethical education opportunities so that more and more LGBT+ people living in Arkansas have their needs met.

Our programs also include clinics to help  marginalized Arkansans access help with their legal needs.



QLaw Arkansas holds clinics to help many LGBT+ people at once with particular legal needs like, for example, sealing criminal records or changing one's name and gender marker on government documents.


QLaw Arkansas hosts an annual fall party in Little Rock for supportive professionals to come together, network, and relax.

Continuing legal education hours

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) hours provide education for legal professionals, for example, on special considerations for LGBT+ estate planning or the ethics of self care.

Sign up here for our June 2019 CLE.

Staying curious

QLaw Arkansas hopes that LGBT+ organizations and people around the state will contact us with needs or concerns that they see around Arkansas.