We provide support and community for attorneys and other legal professionals who help LGBT+ people all over Arkansas.


Our Mission

QLaw Arkansas is an association of LGBT+ legal professionals and their friends. We are a voice for some of the most vulnerable people in our state and work to advance equitable policies and opportunities in the legal profession, in the courts, and under the law. QLaw has three primary purposes:

- To provide opportunities for members of the LGBT+ legal community to meet in a supportive, professional atmosphere in order to exchange ideas and information freely;

- To further the professional development of LGBT+ legal professionals and students; and

- To educate the public, the legal profession, and the courts about legal issues and obstacles faced by the LGBT+ community in our state.


Our Vision 

We envision a state where LGBT+ legal professionals and our allies are connected and supported, and where LGBT+ people are supported by Arkansas law and policy regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.



Our Impact

We work with people and organizations around Arkansas to learn what LGBT+ people need.  We ourselves organize at least one Continuing Legal Education (CLE) event for legal professionals each year.  We also provide legal clinics whereby we can help dozens of people in a single day with a particular legal need.  Specifically, twice a year we provide name and gender marker change clinics in collaboration with transgender advocacy groups around Arkansas.



Legal Professionals

Our members are attorneys, law professors, and other legal professionals like secretaries and paralegals.



Year Serving communities

Officially founded in 2018, QLaw Arkansas is in our  first year of existence, learning from communities and providing assistance.



Events per year

QLaw Arkansas will provide at least one Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course, and two legal clinics, each year.


QLaw Arkansas is a registered 501c3 organization with a board that meets in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Cory Bates is serving as QLaw's secretary, Laura O'Bryan as vice-president, and Stephen Coger as president.